CALMING RETREAT. This master bedroom was designed to be a calming retreat with the look and feel of an upscale boutique hotel suite: luxurious, yet comfortable and classic.

UNDERSTATED ELEGANCE. The handsome matching dressers from Hickory White reflect a more transitional aesthetic, while the antique mirrored vanity adds Hollywood Regency glamour.

TIMELESS TREND. Experiment with unique wall-coverings: Choose a timeless pattern to make a truly beautiful statement, and an organic, tone-on-tone texture for a calming, yet subtly dramatic flair of sophistication.

-Jay Eiler, Castle Design

Other ways to enhance your master bedroom:

PEACEFUL PARADISE. Clean lines and soft corners are in demand, from upholstered beds, round and oval tables, and soft-down chaises, to light and natural layered fabrics.

PRIZED POSSESSION. Create a focal point with a treasured possession: the oil painting over the bed; and shining cut-crystal lamps and chandeliers can become art.

REST AND RELAXATION. A chaise provides a reading and relaxation nook.

-Jane Ganz, Directions in Design

SWEET SERENITY. Soft colors and upholstered furniture are driving the master bedrooms of today.

PERFECT FIT. Credenzas versus the armoire are very popular with the flat-screen TV being placed above the cabinet; and bachelor chests versus the small nightstand flanking the bed also is a current trend.

BREATHING ROOM. The popularity of built-ins in the master closet has freed floor space for relaxing seating rather than multiple dressers and chests.

-Anne Smith, June Roesslein Interiors

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