BOLD BRILLIANCE. Bring in color in a bold way, whether that be a turquoise sofa, or a bold green wall, then layer neutrals around that statement hue.

• COMFORT CHIC. Choose materials that are durable, and a style that is comfortable, while still being chic.

WARM WELCOME. Layer in color and styles of furniture and accessories that are both trendy and timeless given the current design climate; when you walk into a space that has been collected in a personal and professional way, you cannot help but feel welcome.

-Michael Wyrock, I.O Metro

Other ways to enhance your living room:

DESIGN EVOLUTION. Avoid a contrived look: The living space should convey a quality that it has gradually evolved over time, rather than been designed on a drawing board.

COLOR PUNCH. Infuse fresh life into your new or old living room with a fearless pop of color on a pillow, artwork, accessories or an area rug.

PERSONAL TOUCH. Style is a collection of things that are loved by their owner: A well-designed room will always evoke the essence of the owner—not the designer.

-Karen Pepper Jacoby, Edwin Pepper Interiors

REFRESHING RENOVATION. Enhance your existing space by freshening up your upholstered furniture.

MIX AND MATCH. Rearrange your existing furniture to create a different look.

NEW DIRECTION. If items are starting to look ‘tired’ and used, consider adding some new items.

-Felicia Cox, Ooh La La Home Furnishings

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