Kitchen by Karr Bick Kitchen + Bath

PERFECTLY YOU. This homeowner wanted an unobstructed view of the yard while she was doing her dishes. To achieve this, we provided a sink and dishwasher combo in the center island.

CLEAN & CLEAR. Plenty of cabinet space, combined with a white palette, provide a clean, uncluttered look.

STYLE AT HOME. Many homeowners today are mixing casual beach or cottage-comfort styles with either contemporary or traditional details. Find what you love and make it your own!

-Jenny Rausch, Karr Bick Kitchen + Bath

Other ways to enhance your kitchen:

CUSTOM JOB. Painted cabinetry is a big trend now, but not something off the shelf. I’m doing a lot of custom colors; and even painting drawer boxes for a little surprise when you pull out the drawers.

COVERT OPERATIONS. Be creative with your storage. Go for something that doesn’t look typical—or doesn’t even look like storage.

-Louis Rybacki, Cabinetry, Etc.

BUBBLES, BUBBLES EVERYWHERE…Filtered water faucets have been around for years. Grohe has revolutionized its version by offering a carbonated-water option on its filter faucet (think Perrier!), reducing the need for fizzy bottled water in the home.

SUCH A SQUARE. Square-edge commercial-looking stainless steel kitchen sinks are hot, mostly in single-bowl models. Julien sinks are found in many celebrity restaurants kitchens (think Nobu Matshisa!) and its Professional Chef series offers homeowners attractive, affordable models for their own homes.

ONE-TOUCH SIMPLE. Touch faucets continue to gain in popularity. The ease of tapping your faucet to turn it on and off appeals to many people. Brizo is the market leader, and Moen has taken a different approach with a faucet you wave your hand in front of to activate the water.

-Leigh Suffian, Immerse by ATLAS

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