The Curtain Exchange
Photo by Sarah Crowder

Don't let the name fool you: There's more in store at The Curtain Exchange than just curtains. "We're much more than window treatments," says owner Ellen Ross. "We are a full-service design company."

Ross says that the shop, which is located in Clayton and has been open since 2005, can work on a plethora of project types and can meet any design style or aesthetic. "We can help with all aspects of a design project, from windows to accessories, furniture placement, paint selection..." The list goes on.

For those looking for intensive design help, Ross notes that in-home consultations are offered. For customers just hoping to match pre-made curtains to their existing room, a check-out service is available. "They can check-out curtain panels and take them home on approval to put them in their room for 48 hours," says Ross. She explains that the lighting in the customer's home may vary from what she has in her shop, which can change the look of the piece. Hanging the curtains in their room, with the correct lighting, gives clients a better idea of the completed look. "That way, people are never disappointed in the end result," she says. "It's much better to take a full curtain panel than a small swatch of fabric."

The design effect of proper curtains, blinds or shades may be significant on the room as a whole. "Adding fabric to the room softens everything, and it just completes the room," Ross explains. Depth and interest can be added to the space by layering fabrics through window treatments.

The Curtain Exchange stocks approximately 100 curtain styles, bedding, headboards, cornices, and a variety of home accessories in-store. For customers who can't quite find what they're looking for, custom-made items are available. These American-made items include custom curtains, blinds, shades, pillows, table skirts, bedding and more, with speed and quality being the focus. Large items, such as headboards, are typically completed within three to four weeks; custom curtains have a turn-around time of merely eight to 12 business days.

ON THE COVER: The Curtain Exchange is a full-service interior design company, with pre-made and custom home items available from its Clayton storefront. For more information, call 863-1112 or visit

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