Our own Amie Corley was in the national spotlight when she made an appearance as a new tastemaker in the May 2012 issue of Southern Living magazine. Corley was born and raised in Louisiana, so although she has lived in St. Louis for the last eight years, she is by rights a Southerner.

“I was born in Shreveport and grew up in Ville Platte, La., a very small Cajun town where both my mom and dad were born and raised,” she explains. “It’s literally on the swamps and feels like I’m stepping back in time when I go home to visit.” Corley attended college in South Carolina and lived in Charleston, New Orleans and Chicago before moving to St. Louis in 2004. “My husband grew up in Clayton and was really intent on moving back to be close to his family,” she says. “I love living in St. Louis, and while you can take a woman out of the South…you know the rest. It’s defi nitely a part of who I am and how I was raised—good manners and all.”

If anyone understands the essence of the Southern design sensibility and its intersection with St. Louis style, it’s probably this tastemaker. “It’s a relaxed attitude with a refined edge,” Corley explains. “The South is about hospitality, entertaining and good food, and all of that easily flows right into decorating. Southerners want their homes to be welcoming and friendly, but pulled together with beautiful pieces, as well. A good dining room is a must!”

What does St. Louis style have in common with the Southern aesthetic? “St. Louisans love seersucker and beach-house prep as much as any good Southerner— that’s for sure! Another common thread would definitely be the love of all things with a past. I got my love of antiques from my grandmother, who traveled all over the world and had really unique pieces with a story. Everyone seems to appreciate things with a bit of history to them.”

While we had her ear, we asked our tastemaker to share fi ve things she can’t live without right now. (We hope you’re making notes!)

1. FLOWERS. “I’m always at Baisch & Skinner buying flowers for the week, and my sweet husband brings me flowers on the fifth of every month. We met on Nov. 5 and he always remembers the day.”

2. BIG WHITE LAMPS. “Vintage or new, every room has at least one.”

3. COLOR. “I’d have to say my favorite is chartreuse. Somehow I’ve managed to work it into almost every room in our house! It seems to magically work with any color palette. I’ve got it mixed with everything from gray and white to aqua and lavender. It always seems to be the bit of sunshine every room needs.”

4. THE VOICES OF HER KIDS. “It reminds me why I spend so much time making our home a great place to be.”

5. MUSIC. “Lately, I’ve been listening to She & Him over breakfast. It starts off these summer days just right!”