With the start of a new season, you update everything from your wardrobe to your beauty routine. So why not re-evaluate and refresh your home’s interiors? We spoke to four area design professionals about quick and easy improvements style-savvy residents can make,  and learned it might take more than standard spring cleaning to stay in fashion.

David Blakely, Niche

•Add ceramic accessories in “fresh, pop-y colors like emerald green.” Other trendy shades include crimson, turquoise, apple green and yellow—all of which work well with neutrals.

•Bring more light into the home with a colorful new table lamp. A piece in ocean blue or purple is both utilitarian and aesthetically on-trend.

•Utilize pastels to add that spring feeling. When paired with gold, the pastels are in vogue and ready for the season.

•Update textiles such as bedding and throws to a spring-appropriate weight.

Tim Rohan, T. Rohan Interiors

•Invest your time each season, not your money. Find looks that will last a few years and can be rotated by season. Throw pillows can be made with changeable slipcovers; when the weather gets warm, simply put on a tangerine or raspberry cover and watch pillows transform with the seasons. 

•Rearrange your furniture. Not only can this make the room feel new and different, but it helps wall-to-wall carpeting wear more evenly.

•In the living room, take the focus off the fireplace for warmer months. Change the furniture layout and remove all fireplace accessories (screen, tools, etc.) to lose any reminders of heating. After cleaning the fireplace, use it to showcase season-appropriate décor, such as ferns or shells.

Emily Castle, Castle Designs

•Brighten up pre-existing furniture with a quick coat of paint. By painting the back inside panel of a bookcase, the objects in front—particularly white ones—stand out against the new hue.

•Update the photographs on your walls. Pair a white frame with a wide, white mat (3” or wider) to make your memories pop.

•Instead of bringing in excessive pattern in textiles, buy great artwork and let it be the center of attention. If you truly love it now, you’ll love it forever.

Carol Lorenz Snyder, Edwin Pepper Interiors

•The colors of the season—which include shades like Mediterranean turquoise, vibrant blue, tangerine and glacial white—all pair nicely with the versatile neutral of the moment: taupe with a gray undertone.

•One of the quickest spring updates a home-owner can complete is bringing in a plant—or several. Orchids are a great option.

•It’s time to replace overly heavy window treatments. In almost all design instances, a lighter treatment that frames the window is more desirable.

•Bring reflective objects into the home to bounce both light and the outside greenery reflection around the room. While mirrors are a great option, mercury glass and glass artwork can do the job, as well.

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