LN selected some of St. Louis’ best designers to work on the upcoming 2013 Show House. Beginning this week, we'll introduce the most talented design teams behind the third annual Show House at #23 Lenox Place, which will be open to the public Oct. 5 through Oct. 20.


Teddy Karl

The Great Cover-Up

What inspires you?

I am inspired by color, pattern and texture. I am truly a fabric person. I love a space with many layers—plush pillows, colorful artwork, beautiful lamps and collectibles, all grounded by a fabulous rug and tasteful furniture--that's my dream room.

What is your dream project?

My dream project would be in a big, beautiful old house that has been lovingly restored. The clients would have the same taste as I do and their budget would be unlimited. Since that never happens, I enjoy working with nice people who have great taste. They should aspire for their home to be a beautiful place where they are comfortable and enjoy receiving guests.



Tamsin Mascetti

Tamsin Design Group

How do you know when a room is complete?

You have finished a room when you feel happy and comfortable in the space at that time… but, I also feel that a space is constantly evolving, and therefore is never really complete.

What is your dream project?

To be honest, my dream project would be one that has no design boundaries, allows me a complete creative license and has an unlimited budget!


Tom Manche

Tom Manche Interiors LLC

Which room is your favorite to design?

I most enjoy designing master bedrooms. Whatever the color palette, softer shades are most often used in a master bedroom. Fabrics are also in softer patterns and colors. This is the one room in a house that can be a completely different style from the rest of the house—it speaks of romance.

How do you know when a room is complete?

A room is complete when a designer has accomplished the dream that his client originally had for the space—or better yet, has exceeded his client’s expectations. When the client enters the room for the first time, brings her hands to her mouth with her eyes wide open and just smiles, you know you have completed the room.

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