Ready to sell your house, but don’t know how to best show it off? Want to update on a conservative budget? Or are you about to move and need to sell off old items? Any of these endeavors can be an overwhelming proposition for homeowners, but Linda Willig and Beth Schenk are trying to make it a little easier through their company, Show Ready. “Selling a house, moving, redecorating, downsizing—all of those situations where people are making changes are very stressful,” Schenk says. “Sometimes they need a lot of help and sometimes they just need some direction.”

Established in 2009, Show Ready offers a variety of services for those looking to add value to their homes or moving to a new one. With the current state of the housing market, families may face a ‘for sale’ sign in their yard for much longer than they hoped. To up the appeal of a property, the company will come in and stage the home for potential buyers. “There’s a beauty contest going on out there and buyers are in the driver’s seat,” Willig explains. “We look at the overall product and get it ‘show-ready’ for the market.”

The process begins with a consultation, where Willig and Schenk help the clients assess what they want to accomplish. Needs may include simple de-cluttering and rearranging, to small rehab projects and updates of furniture or accessories. The clients can then carry out the recommendations on their own, or have Show Ready transform the space. “We want to do things that will add value to their greatest asset and make the right choices for their home,” Schenk says.

When someone is interested in selling their home, it is important to make it market-ready as quickly as possible, Willig notes. “You will get the majority of your clients within the first two or three weeks after it’s listed, and if you miss out on your highest potential buyer, you don’t get them back. You need to entice them from minute one.” The company works with homeowners, as well as real estate agents, when staging homes for sale.

Show Ready’s services also can appeal to those who aren’t necessarily looking to put their property on the market right away. “Getting your home ready at any point in time is a good idea. Anyone who has occupied their house for around eight years may want to refresh things and make an investment for the future,” Schenk says.

And that investment doesn’t have to break the bank. “A lot of people have a perceived notion that staging is really expensive, but there are very few budgets that we couldn’t work with,” Schenk says. The company will often utilize a homeowner’s existing belongings to make the process more economical, and can make changes to a space for little cost.

Willig and Schenk also assist people with “transitional living needs,” by sorting through possessions and conducting estate sales for those moving to retirement homes, or making new homes and rental properties move-in ready for clients who are relocating. “After answering a few easy questions, we were able to change a leased environment into a comfortable home for a family in 36 hours,” Willig says.

With connections to everyone from contractors to realtors, Show Ready is able to meet the needs of all its clients, Willig says. “We can work with the resources at hand to get the best solution for any homeowner.”