In need of some summertime decorating inspiration? Look no further than your neighborhood Barnes & Noble (or Amazon online), where you’ll fi nd interior designer Barclay Butera’s newest book, Living on the Coast, which illustrates his talent for creating interiors that balance the indoor/outdoor lifestyle and showcases the beauty of coastal living. Having launched his design firm some 15 years ago in Southern California, Butera has a special affinity for homes near the water and a talent for making each one he designs unique. With his signature use of pattern, color and well-chosen accessories, Butera fashions living spaces that never compromise on style or comfort. His new book showcases a diverse collection of inspiring coastal homes, each capturing the essence of waterside living in a special way. Five distinct styles are featured, including Cottage Beach, Classic Beach, Clean Beach, Modern Beach and Elegant Beach. Location aside, the tips and design advice Butera puts forth in his book can be used to give any home a beach-worthy look.

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