Savvy Surrounding Style Design Meeting

Diane Fogerty, CJ Knapp, TJ Rinn and Kimberly Kowalski

By Kristie Cromie, L Photographie

It’s a trifecta of newness: new staff, new products and a new look. If it has been a bit since your last visit, owner Diane Fogerty says it is time to stop by local home store, design firm and interior resource, Savvy Surrounding Style.

“Our business is three-in-one: we have the interior design business; we have a showroom, where anyone can shop; and we work with designers on their clients,” Fogerty says, adding that there are now three designers on staff. This increase has even allowed Savvy Surrounding Style to create a useful blog, as well as updates to its website, which will be completed soon. 

Not only has the staff grown, but the décor has changed, including both the office furniture used by the employees and the showroom-specific pieces. “Two of our designers just returned from a buying trip to New York, where they found a lot of unique items and lines,” Fogerty says, noting the team also visited Chicago in search of unique stock. Savvy Surrounding Style now carries a variety of rugs, as well as Wesco Fabrics. In addition, new bedding collections will be introduced to the showroom soon.

“I have been furiously buying,” says CJ Knapp, Savvy Surrounding Style’s lead designer, creative director and buyer. She notes glamorous hides—“hides that have silver on them; it’s a classic fabric with a little sophistication”—and gold-dipped coral as a few of her recent finds. “Our goal going forward is to get looks that are unique in every category.”

Knapp has been with Savvy Surrounding Style for some 18 months, and she says the store has “grown by leaps and bounds. If you were in the store three months ago, you just wouldn’t think it’s the same store now.”

Despite the abundance of newness, Knapp says she continues to add to the stock. “We’re packed to the gills,” she says. “We’re getting to the point where we almost have to wear the accessories to fit more in the store.” She adds that the store has a casual-chic vibe with touches of elegance and glamor—and a distinct goal to offer uniqueness, not bulk. “I probably am purchasing three times per week from vendors. When you come in, there’s always something new that has just come in the door.”

Many of these showroom items are the accessories meant to complete a space: things like items on bookshelves and drapes make a huge difference, but can be tricky. “What we sell are those finishing touches,” Knapp explains. “Instead of being the period at the end of a sentence, we’re the exclamation point.”

On the Cover: Savvy Surrounding Style is a full-service design firm, as well as an open-to-the-public showroom and interior designer resource. Pictured on the cover: (front row)  Emily Johnson, Janice Bruns-Mantovani, Laurie Morris and Kimberly Kowalski; (back row) CJ Knapp, TJ Rinn, Diane Fogerty and Becky Gale. For more information, please call 432-7289 or visit Cover photo by Kristie Cromie, L Photographie. 

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