Few warm-weather scenes are more picturesque than that of sinking into a wooden chair, surrounded by blooming plants, sipping iced tea. As lovely as it sounds, chipped, filthy or boring pots can destroy the mood. Upgrade your porch or windowsill oasis with new planters worthy of spring’s best flowers.

From left: Celebrate St. Louis and great style with this RAZ Imports pot ($18), featuring the popular and iconic fleur-de-lis. Available at The White Rabbit.

Bring some rustic charm to the patio with this wooden planter ($42). Its removable metal lining not only helps protect the wood, but makes cleaning out last year's perennials a snap. Available at The White Rabbit. 

This green self-watering planter ($25) is perfect for hard-to-maintain plants like orchids. Simply fill the bottom of the uniquely-shaped pot with water, slip the inside pot into place, and watch your plant thrive. Available at Garden Heights Nursery.

This cement pot ($42.50) features mosaic details and a charm normally seen only in the most delicate of planters. Despite its high pedestal, this planter stays in place due to its heavy weight. Available at Ken Miesner's Flowers.

Border Concepts Inc. Denim Blue Ripple Tall Tapered Cone planter ($39) combines a traditional pot glaze color with a non-traditional shape to create the perfect outdoor accessory. Available at Garden Heights Nursery.

The whimsical shape of this cream strawberry planter ($18) makes it perfect for growing those tasty red berries. Available at Ken Miesner's Flowers.

Ideal for larger plants, the Italian Apple Green Cache Pot ($195) brings a punch of color and antique-like attitude to any garden. Available at Ken Miesner's Flowers.

For the 'green'-minded and environmentally responsible, Rosso’s International offers this eco-pot ($5) and tray, ($2). These bamboo items will last through 3 to 5 years of use; once disposed, they biodegrade in roughly 3 to 6 months. Available at Garden Heights Nursery.

Add some European flair to your windowsill with this petite, distressed planter by Torre & Tague ($15). Available at Christopher’s.

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