By Sarah Crowder

Designed to be a one-stop shopping experience, Ooh La La Home Furnishings, now in its 13th year, carries both furniture and home accessories. Additionally, interior design services and connecting shop Express Blinds and Draperies, which is owned by the same family, are available, which means this local business packs almost every item your home could need—sans the kitchen sink.

Owned by Dee Hencken, along with her husband, Hal, Ooh La La is presented as a lifestyle store. "When you come in, we have vignettes set up, as if you were walking into somebody’s house,” Hecken explains. “It’s easy to walk in and visualize, This would look good in front of my fireplace.” Also working in the store is Felicia Cox, Hencken’s daughter, truly making Ooh La La a family business.

From upholstered furniture to light fixtures, Ooh La La’s 7,000-square-foot store—and additional 3,000-square-foot warehouse—is packed with a variety of ready-to-buy pieces. The stock is currently shifting, allowing more room for smaller items featuring clean lines. “For so long, they were building these big houses, and the smaller furniture looked silly. As people are downsizing and living in smaller spaces, we’re trying to accommodate with furniture that’s scaled down a bit more,” Hencken says, noting the store carries a multitude of sizes.. In addition to this variety, the styles of Ooh La La’s stock transcend from Old World to modern, shabby chic to contemporary.

With 10,000-plus shop-able square feet, finding an item might not be a problem—but knowing where and how to display it could be. The design services at Ooh La La are available free-of-charge—clients only pay for the items they keep in their home, and the design expertise is an added bonus. “A lot of people have a misconception that other people are doing everything—filling their house and buying everything at one time,” she explains. “With us, it could be a matter of coming over just to do your mantle. We get as much satisfaction from the person who lives in an apartment as the person in the 10,000-square-foot house.”

In addition to the design services, Ooh La La’s interior experts offer another benefit: timeliness. “We would bend over backwards to do whatever you want us to do. We’re pretty quick on our feet, and we’re very accommodating,” Hencken says. “This is what we’ve been doing for the past 13 years, and this is what we’re probably so well known for.”

On The Cover: Ooh La La Home Furnishings, now in its 13th year, is located at 17701 Edison Avenue in Chesterfield. For more information, call 636-532-3353 or visit

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