By Sarah Crowder

The terms ‘bathroom’ and ‘present’ tend to cross paths only in the realm of soaps and spa products. Now, Mosby Building Arts is offering the gift of a five-day bathroom remodel for homeowners too busy for a lengthy construction.

Through the Right Bath system by Mosby Building Arts, homeowners can expect a new bathroom in five days for an average of $16,500. “We have a large-enough crew that we’re not going to leave to do other jobs,” says company C.O.O. Darrell McClanahan. “We focus just on that bathroom until it is done.” This includes new drywall, tiles and fixtures, making it a new restroom all the way down to the floors.

McClanahan credits a streamlined process for the five-day schedule. “We have specialized crews who really have bathrooms down and know how to do them quickly.” Another time bonus is an on-hand supply of products, which features high-end brands like Kohler and Wellborn.

“This is a safe way to do your bathroom. We developed this service based on some of the disservice we see from the companies that use acrylic to cover up problems,” McClanahan says, noting some other quick bathroom remodeling programs fit acrylic around the existing facilities, which can create a multitude of issues. He says that not only is the feeling of acrylic in a bathtub different, but that the solid piece can hide mold lurking in the restroom. “You could have a mold problem that you don’t know about that continues to grow,” he explains. “If it is not done properly, it can be an unhealthy living environment."

McClanahan says a Right Bath remodel makes for an ideal gift, especially to young homeowners from their parents, or from adult children to aging parents. Partial re-dos also are available and additional features can be ordered, making the Right Bath system customizable. “It is a better value than some of the other quick bathrooms that are out there,” he says.

The estimated five-day process is for a standard 35-square-foot bathroom with drywall built in 1980 or later. “If it has plaster in it, the demolition takes a little longer,” McClanahan explains. Other factors, such as size and amount of requested work, can affect the timeline and cost. “We may do some Right Bath projects that are $9,000, and only take two or three days because they just want to do part of the bathroom.” With no price or size fully set in stone, the Right Bath system can be changed accordingly, depending on budget, taste and space.

On The Cover: Mosby Building Arts has been offering construction services since 1947, with the new Right Bath system available since April 2013. For more information, call 909-1820 or visit

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