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This recent project by Mosby Building Arts featured a billiards room and living area.

In many ways, the kitchen is the center of the home—it’s where families come together to spend quality time during meals, where guests mingle and nosh on snacks during a party—and often, it’s even the work space where kids do their homework, while Mom or Dad prepares dinner.

It should be no surprise, then, that many families want to make their kitchen into the room of their dreams. There has been a strong demand for world-class kitchen remodels of late, says Tony Filarski, planning and design manager at Mosby Building Arts. “People want to expand it from just one room in the house to a sort of great room that becomes a large living area for the family,” he says. In addition to expanding the space of the room, clients often request high-end appliances, custom cabinetry and high-end lighting fixtures.

Regardless of the type of project—be it a kitchen, bathroom, family room or game room—Mosby’s design-build team has a goal of providing homeowners with their dream project, both on time and on budget. “We want to give them enduring quality, and we really want to make them a client for life,” Filarski says. “A lot of our business is repeat clients, and neighbors and friends of clients, who have experienced the Mosby way of doing things, which is to go the extra mile. It’s very detail-oriented, and we keep the clients informed and keep the project clean during the construction phase.” He adds that Mosby’s client services department regularly checks in with clients during the project to keep them informed and ensure that they are satisfied. “We’ll go beyond expectations; that’s our goal. If they want us to let the dog out at 2 p.m. every day, we’ll do that.”

On any project, the entire design-build team is involved from the very beginning, an approach that can both streamline the process—leading to a shorter construction cycle—and make sure that no details get overlooked, Filarski says. “Our designers are working on the design at the same time the estimators are working on the estimate, and the production department can be giving input on how to do things the best way.”

Mosby’s process includes multiple interviews with the homeowner prior to the start of work, to make sure that their vision becomes a reality through the project. And with 3-D design software, clients can visualize every detail of the completed product before a single nail is put in place. “They can literally walk through the home with this design, understand how it functions with the existing part of the house, and how it transitions into the addition or the new kitchen,” Filarski says. “It helps them to understand what they’re buying, unlike on two-dimensional drawings where it’s hard to understand how the space flows.”

Carrying out these intricate designs requires a team of highly skilled craftsmen, and Mosby’s staff includes a professionally licensed architect who designs and reviews projects, along with certified designers and professional craftsmen performing the work, Filarski notes. “It doesn’t matter if it’s a $20,000 bathroom or a $200,000 kitchen,” he says. “Our service will be consistent, and the level of design and attention to detail will be the same.”

On the Cover: The Mosby Building Arts design-build department approaches each project with a holistic approach, with a goal of providing enduring quality in every client’s home. For more information, call 909-1800 or visit

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