If the spring blooms are already a couple of months ahead of schedule, what does that mean for the St. Louis pool season? One can dream—and why not dream big, with some recent area projects for inspiration?


The homeowners of this brand new property wanted a pool surrounded by landscaping rock, mulch beds and flowering plants, so we compiled an architectural design that included those elements, plus sod, lighting and retaining walls. In fact, there’s a retaining wall that holds up the entire pool. Overall, the free-form pool is 50 feet in length. It has a sunbathing ledge so that lounge chairs can be used in the pool. It has a natural edenstone coping, and more than 10,000 square feet of pavers were used around the pool and for the driveway. There is a long transition from the shallow end to the deep end, where there is a platform diving board. The spa has a waterfall that flows into the pool.

While we were working on the project, the homeowner called from Mexico. She said that she was in a cabana bed and wanted to know if we could build in a couple of them for the pool area. She took a photo and sent it to us. When she arrived home, we had two custom-built, cedar cabana beds with California king mattresses covered with outdoor fabric, matching pillows and draperies waiting for her!

The project also included a full outdoor kitchen with Wolf appliances, granite countertops, a grill with a custom hood system, outdoor fireplace and a beautiful bathroom.

John Jacobsen, LIQUID ASSETS

A homeowner had a stable and garage behind her home with an area between the three that she wanted to use to connect the buildings. Her goal was an all-natural design that would reflect the hills and landscape in Wildwood where the home is located. The result is a deep blue pool with tumbled limestone coping and a base that includes a pebble material by Stonescape, as well as abalone shell for a hint of sparkle, mimicking a Missouri stream. The pool is free-form design, which adds to those natural aesthetics, along with well-placed Missouri field stone surrounding the pool in the planting areas, giving a feel of boulders tumbling down toward the water. There’s actually a boulder right on the edge of the pool, and another boulder on an oversized tan shelf (that’s about a foot deep) where they can put lounge chairs. On this boulder, we actually grounded out little flat areas for their drinks, so it has function!

Overall, the pool is 22 by 39 feet with more than 550 feet of deck space. A pavilion provides protection from the sun, and a deck jet fountain shoots water from the deck into the pool. The steps into the pool are machine-cut limestone, which is very rare in St. Louis because they have to be continuously sealed so they don’t crack with the cold winter weather. The landscaping by Westchester Gardens consists of plantings that provide blooms throughout the growing season.

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