The whole ‘green’ movement is finally catching up with the design industry here in the United States, with many architects and designers doing their best to be environmentally friendly with the materials they specify for a new home.

Years ago, the environmentally conscious fabrics that were available were the most hideous options to choose from. I am convinced that a flower child from the ‘60’s would not have used them on their VW bus! Not to mention that ‘going green’ usually meant spending a great deal more for such products—a result of the manufacturing industry trying to figure it all out.

Thankfully, that no longer is the case. Of course, many things such as wood, natural stone, cotton, linen, and wool were already part of that category, but other building materials were not. Today, there are options from the insulation to the type of flooring a homeowner selects that will help make their home more compatible with the environment.

Enter The Design Source Limited (led by Kris Keller), R.E.A. Homes (under Jeff Bogard), architect Dave Schaub of Schaub & Srote, and I. O. Metro. Together, they have incorporated a design-build concept that has proven to be very successful for them. A main objective was to introduce coastal design to the Midwest and 11 Sherwyn Lane in Creve Coeur is their inaugural effort.

This creative team has taken the idea of a ‘green’ home and elevated the look with the shade of gray, infusing the color in almost every aspect of the design.

Keller, the project’s lead interior designer, was responsible for many aspects of the design process. Schaub came up with the original footprint for the home, which was then detailed by Keller’s’ in-house architect. Keller is most proud of the custom millwork that she specified, using a rift-sawn oak with a gray wash. This element was effectively used to unify the spaces.

A Mid-Century-inspired design, 11 Sherwyn Lane offers 4,721 feet of sustainable luxury. Upon entering the home, a serene floor-to-ceiling waterfall sets the tone. Keller has an amazing talent, incorporating tile in the most creative ways into all of her projects. Floors, backsplashes, walls and ceilings are all a blank canvas for her and she ‘paints’ them with natural stone!

This home has five bedrooms and six bathrooms, a luxury for each child or guest to have their own water closet. The large windows allow sunlight to flood each space.

I. O. Metro’s design team used metal, pottery, driftwood sculptures, bamboo panels and other natural elements as accessories to harmonize the home.

The end result of this collaboration is a home with two green certifications: Energy Star and National Green Building Standard.

We’re told this green, high-performance luxury home was recently purchased—furnishings included—by a Rams’ player and his wife. The design team certainly did it right the first time!


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