Spectacular renovations aren’t just for the inside of the home. A well planned landscape design with proper plants and outdoor living elements can transform your yard into the envy of the block.


  • Good value in a yard renovation comes from good design. Landscape architects who specialize in residential work can help establish what the goals are, create a plan and prevent mistakes along the way.
  • Build features to extend the outdoor living season. A nice outdoor space with a fireplace will create a gathering place to draw people in from early spring through late fall.
  • Use materials in your renovation that will last. Outdoor flooring surfaces will hold up longer if they are veneered on top of concrete instead of gravel. Gravel can settle and shift over time, causing the floor to move or deteriorate.
  • Make the right plant choices. Don’t buy plantings just because they’re on sale; find ones that will thrive in the St. Louis environment, not just survive.


  • The key to the success of a planting lies in making sure the soil conditions are appropriate for the material, then plant at the right depth, in the right location.
  • Create a focal point in your landscaping renovation. Include in the design something that catches the eye and stands out.
  • Plant for all seasons. Flowering trees like crabapples and dogwood shine in the spring; Knock Out rose bushes are good for the summer; the Persian parrotia tree provides bright colors in the fall; and a mixture of grasses and evergreens give texture and structure to a yard in the winter.
  • Add plants that have multiple-season interest. The fothergilla gets a white bloom in the spring and appears to be on fire in the fall with its yellow, red and orange leaves.
  • Use annuals for instant color and curb appeal. ‘Proven winners’ are easy to grow and showcase in your yard.