Worried that all your spring cleaning will uncover an outdated home? Stay on top of the trends, and find out what these local interior design experts recommend for spring.

Nancy Barrett, Beautiful Rooms

• After a long, dreary winter, everybody is ready for bright colors or florals. If you’re too timid to make a big design commitment, add it in accessories or paint the back of cabinets a different color.

• Ottomans are a good way to inject a different pattern or color—and it’s a small piece, so it doesn't require a lot of change to the room.

• I’m a ‘lamp freak.’ I don’t think you can have too many, and I like them all to be different—except in a bedroom, where it’s good Feng Shui to have a symmetrical balance.

Gail Doveikis, G.M. Doveikis & Associates

• We went from the Hollywood glamour and Art Deco to salvaged and reclaimed; and now we are starting to see more of the formal elegance again, like tufting and rolled arms—but it’s not the over-scaled Tuscan style.

• We’re seeing a resurgence of florals, and they’re not just monochromatic—you’re seeing a lot of colors, and some even on a dark background.

• The carpeting is becoming much, much softer. They literally feel like you want to lie on them. 

Teddy Karl, The Great Cover-Up

• Try shopping within your own home. I've reminded people that just because that little paperweight has always been on the end table by the sofa doesn’t mean it can’t go in the other room. You should always be editing and refreshing.

• Change the lampshade on a lamp that’s been around for a while. Freshen it up; they get dusty and they yellow. 

• I love blue and white; I always have. It’s nice and crisp. It feels clean—and that’s what I think about in the springtime.

Kris Keller, The Design Source

• I love bringing Pantone’s Hemlock color into the home. It can be very light with a beachy, spa flavor; or, in a deeper color value, it feels very rich and luxurious.

• We’ve been so involved with the dark wood tones. Now, we’re going back to the lighter tones, like beach wood, rustic barn wood and maple.

• One of the trends that I am wrapping my mind around for spring is the combination of multiple bright colors. In a room, the way that can play is with toss pillows and decorative accents. Bringing fun and whimsy into a room seems to be what spring is all about.

Kimberly Kowalski, Savvy Surrounding Style

• What’s huge right now is metallic. We’re seeing metallic mixed with natural elements.

• We’re seeing natural materials—like bone, horn, petrified wood and mother of pearl—on mirrors, tables and lamps. It adds this wonderful texture. Anytime you bring something natural, it elevates the space.

• We've been void of color for a long time, and it’s coming back in a big way. We’re seeing a lot of turquoise and aqua—and still the jewel tones, like cobalt and emerald.

Anne Smith, June Roesslein Interiors

• We’re continuing with more clean lines: fewer embellishments on furnishings and simple panels on the windows. Eight years ago, country French was huge—and I say it’s flour in the pantry; it doesn’t go out—but the trend at the moment is clean-lined.

• We’re seeing a real trend towards warm and comfortable, rather than an interior that says, Don’t touch me.

• Animal prints are huge! Not that they've ever really gone out of style. A zebra pattern functions like other stripes, and stripes can be worked into almost any interior.

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