Outdoor lighting has become big business in the design world. As it should be, people are paying greater attention to their outdoor spaces so that they too reflect their personal style and taste. Things are quite different from when I began my career 28 years ago. I remember one client was working with a ‘lighting specialist,’ at that time it was simply your electrician, who couldn’t quite figure out how to ‘wash’ the exterior of the home. The client, who had quite the personality, simply said, “Call MGM! They do it all the time!”  Well, he did and the house looks terrific!

    Gifted tradesmen have also stepped up their game and discovered that their talents can translate beautifully for this outdoor market. Bruce Eicher is one of those examples who has been doing fine iron work since the early 1960s. His hand-forged lighting is like sculpture.  Woodland Furniture represents his designs and as a result has been able to offer these exceptional works of art to a much broader market!  Not for the budget challenged, his creations are definitely an investment for an outdoor space, but if you want that space to be special, this line is worth your consideration.

    Eicher is available through your professional interior designer. For a quick look and temptation go to woodlandfurniture.comLN