When I gave a recent Ladue News-Neiman Marcus presentation titled ‘Elegant Entertaining Made Easy,’ I was reintroduced to product line MacKenzie-Childs, which began in 1983. Its headquarters is in Aurora, N.Y., but the flagship store is on West 57th Street in New York City, not to mention a brand new Worth Avenue store in Palm Beach. This line is colorful, whimsical, inventive, amusing and collectable.  If mixing pattern with pattern is your thing, then this is the tableware, furniture, kitchen, bath and garden accessory line for you! 

    Each piece is handmade of clay or wood and painted right here in the United States. When space permits, pieces are even signed or stamped by the various artisans who brought them to life. With a reputation for color and pattern, this is not for the faint of heart or color-challenged!  Polka dots, stripes, wavy lines, flowers, and animals all harmonize to create the most interesting tablescapes imaginable.

    Let yourself go and don’t be shy; these elements are produced to party together. You can use this stuff sparingly or in abundance (although you easily could go into sensory overload if you don’t temper it with a little solid somewhere in the mix). It is amazing what the hand-painted knobs can do for white cabinets; you’d transform your kitchen from blah to ahhh.

    Spring is the time to think about sprucing up your home, so start with a beautiful handmade item created right here in the United States. Got color?