Chalkboard Decor

There’s a new design trend afoot that harkens back to the days of old-school communication: chalkboards. Here, we present some interesting new lighting and furniture designs that incorporate a chalkboard or simply mimic the look.


Designer Libby Langdon Launches Luxury Peel-and-Stick Wallcovering Collection

Do you love the wow factor of wallpaper, but feel put off by the permanence and labor-intensive installation? If so, you’ll want to know about the new peel-and-stick removable and reusable wallcovering collection by interior designer Libby Langdon for Casart. Langdon’s wallcoverings allow you to have fun with color and pattern, but in a very easy and low-commitment way. (We thought you’d like that!)

“You literally just start at the top of your wall, pull the backing sheet off, and smooth with your hands as you tools necessary!” explains Langdon, who is known for her easy yet elegant style and one-day makeovers on NBC's Open House. “If you need to, you can simply lift and reposition, without frustrating buckling and bubbling. I believe design should be accessible and fun and all of my products, from my upholstered furniture to my rugs, are based on direct input from my clients who don't want to sacrifice style for comfort, practicality and ease."

The timing of Langdon’s wallcovering launch dovetails with her new television show, Daykeover with Libby Langdon, which airs this October on the NBC network, COZI TV. “My show is an interior design makeover that happens in less than 12 hours,” she says. “I'm working in one of my actual client's homes each segment, so it's not just thrown together for TV. The designs have to be real, livable and beautiful, but also fuss-free for the fast pace of finishing it all in one day. So when Casart approached me to design a peel-and-stick wallcovering for them, it couldn't have been a better fit.”


Williams-Sonoma Opens First Missouri West Elm Store in Saint Louis Galleria

Although many St. Louisans are still mourning the loss of the high-style Williams-Sonoma Home store at Plaza Frontenac, a West Elm store recently opened in the Saint Louis Galleria. A member of the Williams-Sonoma brand portfolio, along with Pottery Barn and Williams Sonoma Home, the new 8,385-square-foot store is the 51st in the West Elm chain and includes a youthful mix of furniture, gifts, home décor, and artist collaborations. West Elm clearly is geared to a younger, independent, do-it-yourself decorator working on a limited budget. As such, the store offers compact, clean-lined furniture, bedding, bath, lighting, rugs and global accents with a unique, affordable spin. The West Elm store also features handcrafted items, designed by eight local artists and sourced through Etsy.

Rather than dictating preconceived looks and design schemes---they’re targeting Gen Y after all--- home décor is merchandised in a way that the retailer believes helps customers discover their own personal style. However, store associates, some of whom are well versed in design, will assist customers in the Design Lab, where they can learn how to develop a mood board, properly measure, make a floor plan, style their space, tap into recommended local design resources, or schedule an in-home consultation free of charge.


Do It Yourself or Hire a Designer? That is the Question. 

A new survey by reveals that many of us are: a) unhappy with the way our home looks; b) haven’t updated our home décor in the last five years; and 3) secretly wish we could throw out an item our significant other keeps on display. And that’s just for starters. What’s perplexing is that despite these and other findings, a surprisingly large number of us are flat-out unwilling to hire an interior designer, believing we can do as well or better on our own. Whether that’s true is up for debate. (In the interest of full disclosure, we’re big proponents of hiring proven designers---those talented, bona fide professionals who can be counted upon to prevent costly and unnecessary mistakes, and perhaps most important, obtain the desired results.) To learn more about how people feel about their interiors and the DIY vs. interior designer conundrum, take a look at the survey results below.


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