Like the trees and shrubs that they sell, plant and maintain, Chesterfield Valley Nursery is growing. Incorporated in 1989, the nursery is coming off its best year yet, according to president and GM Jim Graeler. “We’ve been a design-build firm since our beginning, and we also have a maintenance division,” he says. “But we’ve recently added a retail division, as well.”

Graeler points out that the design-build part of the company installs trees, shrubberies and other plants, as well as brick-paver patios, water features, outdoor kitchens, fireplaces, firepits, stone walls and pergolas. “We visit our client’s home and determine their needs, what they hope to accomplish and how they want to use a space,” he explains. “Outdoor kitchens have been a popular trend the last several years, so we’ve partnered with a local stone company that makes custom countertops for us. With a lot of our projects, we use natural materials and natural stones.”

The company installs everything from large ponds with a series of pumps that circulate water uphill 60 feet and down a meandering stream filled with natural stone, to smaller ponds and waterfalls, as well as ‘pond-less’ water features. “With these, you’ll see a few boulders and some gravel, and the water bubbles up out of the boulder and rolls down over the rock into the gravel,” Graeler says. “It’s a low-maintenance water feature that can run yearround as long as you keep the water moving.”

The maintenance division provides services in the spring and fall, as well as a full-service package for year-round care. “In the spring, we spruce up the property after the winter season and re-edge beds, mulch and plant what is needed,” Graeler notes. “In the fall, we will re-mulch, plant fall mums and bulbs for the spring boom, and do leaf removal. We even have crews who cut grass.”

Chesterfield Valley Nursery’s retail operation is located on North Outer 40 Road. “Our focus is on quality items,” Graeler says. “For instance, we carry Japanese Maples with trunks that are 2 inches in diameter. We also offer a wide variety of plant material and in many different varieties. For example, chamaecyparis—we carry some 15 different varieties of it, and with boxwoods, we carry eight different kinds.”

Graeler explains that they have placed a special emphasis on the new retail operations, but it’s not their only specialty. “We cater to more high-end residential clients,” he notes. “Some of our core values are making sure that we offer excellent service and an excellent quality of plant material. We have a tremendous staff that is very customer-service oriented, and that’s another way we continue to grow.”