B Davis Table Design

Spring means spring cleaning, and we know you’ve worked so hard to tidy up this season. Now imagine, after wiping away the dust, making repairs and clearing out the junk, you find you’re left with a boring—or worse, outdated—home. With its assortment of products and customizable design service, hidden gem B. Davis Design is here to help.

Despite its Manchester Road address, B. Davis Design has a movie-quality vibe, as it’s so easy to miss, visitors practically must know someone (who knows someone) to find it. Tucked off the main strip, one needs to turn on to Bernice Avenue to find this hidden corner destination. Once there, the store is made noticeable by the window boxes and flowers—a cheeky hint at the whimsical interior that makes the shop a perfect match for spring refreshing. “I wanted to create a space that you feel like you traveled to get there,” says owner Barb Davis, noting the European flair of the shop. “It’s becoming a destination. I can’t romanticize the store enough—it’s a great place. I’ve created a fabulous place to be inspired.”

Davis’ design service is distinguished from other interior designers in that she says she is most helpful with those “daunting decisions,” be they big or small. Since her services are available in hourly increments, she says her clients feel comfortable asking for her opinion on any and every design topic, from paint color to kitchen layout. Be it redesigning an entire home or merely stylizing accessories, Davis’ hourly service allows homeowners to purchase the amount of expertise they want—and nothing more.

“We offer home furnishings, table tops, custom floral, antiques and unique gifts for every occasion…” lists Davis, thinking of more by the second. “I have everything from a $20 candle to a $4,000 antique clock.” B. Davis is a MacKenzie-Childs dealer, a brand that encompasses the English-quirk style Davis so enjoys.

If your post-spring-cleaning home is less than thrilling, Davis recommends a few easy updates. To welcome guests into the home, start with a wreath or floral arrangement hanging on the front door. Update a classic kitchen with a small area rug and a patterned tea kettle, like the enamel Courtly Check MacKenzie-Childs option, to bring interest to the stove top and range. “Little things make a big difference,” reminds Davis. Look for sparse places—such as bedrooms or living rooms—and add small pieces of furniture like an accent chair or ottoman. Bring a new feeling into a room by combining ‘masculine’ and ‘feminine’ pieces, such as antlers and floral arrangements. “That combination of rustic and elegant is beautiful.”

Of course, if your home is still looking more ‘blah’ than ‘ooh’ or ‘aah,’ Davis is available to offer professional help.

ON THE COVER: B. Davis Design, located at 10502 Manchester Road, offers floral arrangements, gifts, décor items and design services. Pictured: Accent tables with hoof details and antlers for legs bring rustic flair into an otherwise 'feminine' arrangement. For more information, call 822-2221 or visit bdaviscompany.com.

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