If you love those HGTV home renovation programs, you wouldn’t want to miss a local version. KMOV TV’s Real Life Renovations is now in its second year. The Sept. 12 show, which airs at 8 p.m., takes viewers inside the renovation and staging of a vintage Ladue home, circa 1940.

The lucky homeowners are Travis and Julie Kearbey, who moved to Ladue from St. Louis Hills with their two young children. They closed on the two-story, center hall Colonial in late spring.

Renovation work began in June and during the following eight weeks, Karr Bick Kitchen + Bath designer and Real Life Renovations host Jenny Rausch, along with the talented carpentry staff at City Lights, transformed the kitchen and second-floor master bath into stunning new spaces. Rausch also worked with the homeowners and Phillips Furniture designer Melissa Ledbetter to decorate the rest of the house in preparation for the big reveal.

Just one day before the camera crew arrived for the final day of filming, Rausch and KMOV producer Dianne Casey were arranging new furniture, making up new beds with gorgeous linens, hanging artwork, and placing lamps and accessories throughout the house.

The impending deadline and the fact that the process is captured on film are what make reality show renovations so dramatic and effective, Rausch says. “The TV part of it changes it,” she explains. “It’s not just a renovation, it’s a renovation on TV with an end date. It’s a difficult process to go through, but what you get when it’s all over is massive.” Everyone involved in the project, including painters, carpenters and landscapers, “goes above and beyond” to achieve the best possible results in record time.

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