A year ago, Cindy Blake and her family were living in a small 23-by-23-foot cabin on their property in Wildwood as a major renovation took place on their home. While several aspects of the main residence were enhanced, her dream closet was one space given significant consideration. “I had a vision,” she recalls. “I went to school for design and architecture, so I had an idea for a space where I could get ready for the day—a place where I could do my makeup, blow dry my hair and dress. I knew I wanted a really nice closet, and it ended being big enough that—if we ever sold the house—the next owners could use the space as a nursery.”

David Gast, owner of Beyond Storage, oversaw the redesign of Blake’s closet, as well as her husband’s closet and their pantry. “I did the original design but David Gast tweaked it a bit,” Blake notes. “He was so good, and the company is very much into detail. There was a nail or screw head showing through in the pantry—and I didn’t even notice it. When he pointed it out, I told him that it wasn’t a big deal, but he said, That’s not how we work. I want it to be perfect. So, they were very much on top of things.”

(Almost) straight from Hollywood, Blake’s boudoir, situated off the master bedroom, features an ornate gilded mirror at her dressing table that she purchased from an estate sale. “The estate sale had all sorts of Hollywood memorabilia. The mirror is one of a set of two—I’m still looking for a place to hang the second one. But as the story goes, they both came from somewhere in Hollywood.” The chair at her vanity was her grandmother’s, and some time ago, Blake says it won first place in an ugly chair contest held at LuLu Belles Fabrics. “For a prize, I got to pick out a new fabric, and they reupholstered the chair for me at no cost.”

According to Blake, the closet has a large countertop and an area with drawers, a section for shoes and shelves up above for jeans, cubbies for T-shirts and a larger area for hanging garments. There’s a large armoire because “a girl can never have too much closet space” and a jewelry armoire, as well as sconces and art on the walls. She also has family photos in the space and a chair that her husband likes to sit in for impromptu conferences. “My closet is almost like my timeout room. When the kids are running around, I can shut my door and almost get away. It’s just nice to have my own private space.”