PBJ: Peace, beauty, joy. That is the mantra of local floral designer Linda Katz. She shares her top-level condo with her partner of 20-plus years, Caroline Tamm, a mortgage banker and VP with Gorman & Gorman.

Known as Ce Ce and Lu Lu to their two grandsons, Zachary and Hunter, the couple’s home is both beautiful and family-friendly. Having two grandchildren who stay regularly has caused them to think outside the box. For example, their Phillipe Starck ghost chair is used for a high chair when Hunter is over for a visit. “It cleans so easily,” Katz says with a grandmother’s smile.

This home is full of history and collections that are mixed with contemporary styling and ingenious uses for older furniture. Katz takes her floral design business very seriously, doing research on her laptop (and of course, going through the daily rigors of running a company) at a beautiful old mahogany secretary/breakfront that belonged to her great aunt who had a marvelous home on Indian Hills. The dining table, also from her aunt, is illuminated by a crystal chandelier. Surrounding her are antique oyster plates that belonged to her mother, many are from New Orleans, which is where Katz’s father hailed from.

The master bedroom houses collections of old perfume bottles that rest on a beautifully carved Asian shelf with authentic ivory inlays. Exquisite handbags are lined up in a mahogany secretary awaiting their turn to complete one of Katz’s stylish ensembles.

The living room also reflects a passion for collecting with a lovely display of tea pots. A visit to Brilliant Antiques years ago started that collection. The furniture is a blend of classic traditional with some simple-lined contemporary pieces added to the mix. The Barbara Barry sofa is crowned by an antique hand-painted screen that belonged to Katz’s mother. The candelabrums on the mantel are from a wedding Katz did on the top of a mountain in Steamboat Springs, Colorado.

The kitchen has had a fresh update with concrete-stained countertops and some additional cabinets added to the original St. Charles kitchen. New hardware gives these vintage cabinets a ‘now’ look. The flooring is commercial and designed for resilience.

Katz and Tamm have created a family home that welcomes all who enter. A feast for a collector’s eyes, there is a sense of style, proportion and history that are undeniable. I definitely felt peace, beauty and joy!