Il Bel Lago

Carmelo Gabriele holds Il Bel Lago's most prized bottle of wine: Gaja Ca Marcanda Magari.

Some of the city’s exclusive restaurant wine cellars have been opened to reveal their most prized bottles of wine. Take a look at these cellar highlights, as well as their dining accompaniment recommendations.


Most prized wine: Among more than 200 wines in Tony's cellar, Vince Bommarito says Italian Barolo stands out from the rest. The full-bodied blend from Piedmont—one of the two major wine areas in Italy—is made from grapes grown in some of the best soil in the world, he notes. “They say Barolo is the wine of kings and the king of wines.”

Pair it with this: Bommarito says to splurge on a meal fit for Barolo. “While you’re having a sirloin steak or a veil chop—that’s when you drink your Barolo.”

Il Bel Lago

Most prized wine: Gaja Ca Marcanda Magari is a top-of-the-line offering at Il Bel Lago. The Italian wine, which runs $110 a bottle, is a dense red, boasting of concentrated plum and blackberry flavors. “We are partial to Italian wines because it is our family heritage,” Carmelo Gabriele says. “Italy has some of the oldest wine producers in the world, and it is one of the largest wine producers in the world—second only to France.” Ranked as a No. 91 on Wine Spectator, the unique wine is referred to as a Super Tuscan, meaning it does not have to adhere to traditional blending laws and often uses grapes that are not in the region.

Pair it with this: “This is a fine red wine, so it goes great with a nice filet or veil chop,” Gabriele says.

Annie Gunn’s

Most prized wine: The most exciting wines on Annie Gunn’s list are five vintage Missouri Norton offerings from the nation’s oldest family-owned winery: Adam Puchta Winery in Hermann. “The luxury to me is that my cellar is an hour’s drive from all of these great Missouri wineries. I really like to support what we do in the state,” Glenn Bardgett says. The full-flavored red wine runs $45 to $65 a bottle. “We have wines that cost up to $2,000,” Bardgett says. “But it’s not about how expensive it is; it’s about how distinctive it is.”

Pair it with this: This cellar highlight will perfectly complement any red meat, Bardgett says. “And it really goes extraordinarily well with lamb.”

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