The California Closets team includes design consultants Jessica Freeman, Jeannine Manning and Stephanie Cline, and customer liaisons Tricia Young and Beth Winschel. 

Maybe your bedroom closet space is limited to a few flimsy wire racks and a metal pole, or you struggle to fit groceries in a disorganized pantry. Perhaps there’s no storage system in the garage, or the entertainment center is overrun by cords and DVDs. If you find yourself in such a situation, California Closets may have the answer to your home organization problems, says James Cline, the company’s retail sales and marketing VP. “We work to align our customer’s needs and desires with an exact solution. We could have two spaces with the same dimensions, but because we are customizing each for that particular customer, you’ll never see the same design twice.”

The local franchise of California Closets, an international company, was launched by St. Charles-based Lami Wood Products Corp. more than a year ago, joining partner brands Signature Kitchen & Bath and Elite Stone & Marble. With California Closets’ long-standing reputation for innovative and quality custom storage solutions, the addition fit nicely into Lami’s existing portfolio, Cline explains. “Our goals are to align ourselves with a product that allows our customers to get exactly what they want and not have to sacrifice to get it.”

Beyond closets, the business also designs, manufactures and installs organizational systems for laundry rooms, wall units, garages, entertainment centers, homes offices, pantries and more. Its two showrooms in Manchester and Rock Hill share space with Signature Kitchen & Bath, and all components are fabricated and manufactured at the St. Charles facility.

Each project begins with a free in-home design consultation to address a client’s needs, which may range from a growing family’s need to increase functional space, to a newly purchased home with an outdated closet system. “Often if you move into a home that is new to you, whatever that has been left behind was customized for someone else,” Cline explains. “So, do you make that space work for your stuff, or do you make your stuff fit in that space? Because all of our systems are designed to the space instead of using pre-manufactured, standardized products, you can maximize your usability. ”

California Closets’ design consultants help address any issues, working with the customers to find the right solution. “Most people know exactly what they want in their homes, they just don’t know how to get it. It’s the consultant’s job to ask the right questions to draw information and ideas from the client’s mind, which we then bring to life,” Cline says.

While California Closets works within a client’s budget, the company uses the highest quality products available, Cline notes. And those products are in line with the newest trends in storage solutions, stemming from the company’s trips to Italy to discover what is popular. While traditional closets have been dominated by whites and creams, more people now are looking for textured and wood grain materials in a variety of colors. In addition, Cline is seeing gray as the new ‘it’ color for 2013, along with a trend toward stone and quartz applications in closets, laundry rooms and pantries to create a more elegant feel. A new system, Virtuoso, offers a European-influenced look, with simple modern lines and luxury finishes. “While it’s popular on the coasts, we’re getting a lot of interest here. St. Louis is a traditional city at heart, but we’re starting to see more folks go toward a transitional style, using contemporary along with their traditional pieces.”

With the success of the brand over the past year, Cline is excited about the future of California Closets and what it has to offer the local consumer. “We’re getting a chance to bring these internationally creative ideas to the Midwest—getting away from the cookie-cutter storage solutions and giving our customers what they really want for their homes.”

ON THE COVER: California Closets, a brand of St. Charles-based Lami Wood Products Corp., offers high-end storage and organization solutions for customers’ homes. Its Rock Hill and Manchester showrooms display the variety of innovative materials and options available to customize a range of spaces to fit one’s needs. For more information, call 888-336-9707 or visit