Rita Mahn, premier advisor and Festus branch manager; Dennis Sappington, premier advisor and St. Charles branch manager; Seth Barnes, Frontenac branch manager; John Lamping, premier advisor and Clayton branch manager

Photo by Sarah Crowder

Whether you’re planning for marriage, a home purchase, the birth of a child, a college education or retirement, Wells Fargo Advisors has resources to guide you each step of the way. “We have the ability to help clients through practically every financial decision in their lives, at their pace,” says Seth Barnes, senior VP and Frontenac branch manager. “All the while, our most important goal is to help them succeed financially.”

The premier financial services firm with a widespread national presence has a local approach to caring for clients. “We’re built nationally, but we’re used locally,” Barnes says. “We make sure everything is tailored to a personal level for each client. It’s a customized approach to support every client in every possible way.”

The firm has almost 6,000 employees spread across St. Louis—from Quincy, Ill., to Festus, St. Charles to Belleville, Ill., and all points in between. Its private client headquarters also is conveniently located in the city, Barnes notes. “The unique advantage we have over other firms is that all of our private client group resources are present in St. Louis to create direct access for financial advisors and their clients.”

Wells Fargo Advisors' aid clients in handling the three main phases of their financial lives: how they save, how they invest and how they distribute their money through estate plans or retirement. The top resource the firm uses to guide clients through their financial futures is the Envision tool, Barnes notes. The Envision tool uses a variety of simulations that factor in variables, including retirement age and income, estate and legacy, major purchases and risk tolerance, as well as historic market returns, to produce an analysis that determines the likelihood of clients reaching their goals.

To help clients stay on track, they receive a monthly statement visibly detailing how their values are comparing to their financial goals. As clients’ goals change throughout their lives—from saving for college funds to retirement, the Envision tool can be updated accordingly, Barnes explains.

Wells Fargo Advisors not only is involved in the futures of their clients, but also in helping the whole community succeed. “We believe it is our responsibility to be personally involved in our communities,” Barnes says. This year, the firm has donated more than $6 million to local nonprofits related to education, civic leadership, health and human services, and arts and culture, from the United Way campaign to the Komen Race for the Cure. Additionally, the firm has participated in 240 fundraising events, meetings and campaigns for these organizations, with senior leaders serving on 54 of the city's leading nonprofit boards. “We value St. Louis," Barnes says, "and we understand we need to be make personal and financial contributions in order for our community to thrive.”

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