More than a few women around town are making their mark and achieving successful careers, and these three women are no different. Representing real estate, finance and law, Donna Auld, Diane Flower and Julie Hixson-Lambson, respectively, recently spoke with LN and shared what motivates them.

Donna Auld,

Real Estate Agent, Janet McAfee Real Estate

Company spokesman Chuck Roper is not at all surprised by Donna Auld’s accomplishments: “She is a gifted professional with significant experience in sales and marketing. Real estate is a dynamic service business, and Donna is client-focused. She truly loves helping her clients find their dream homes. We are thrilled she chose our firm to launch her career.”

LN: Why did you go into real estate?

DA: I love architecture, and I love looking at homes. Also, having moved five times when I was young—I moved twice in junior high school—I can empathize with families and the challenges they face. It is so important to find the right home and school district.

LN: What has helped in your success?

DA: I think it’s because I have a marketing, advertising and sales background. The sales background helps me with understanding and working with people, and the marketing and advertising helps with selling the properties.

LN: What do you see yourself doing 10 years from now?

DA: I would hope to be one of the top agents at Janet McAfee! And I think it’s going to take perseverance to get there.

LN: What do you enjoy doing outside of your professional life?

DA: I’m a runner, and I enjoy all kinds of exercise. I love the arts. I also have someone in my life who I enjoy spending time with, and since he is in the travel industry, we travel quite a bit together.

Diana Flower,

VP & Senior Trust Adviser, PNC Wealth Management

PNC executive Maurice Quiroga knows firsthand of Diana Flower’s talents and sees great things in her future: “Diana brings a whole new level of sophistication and expertise to our client experience. Utilizing her law and fiduciary experience, she can relate to our high-net-worth clients and work with their advisers to create a complex, thorough estate plan.”

LN: Why did you choose finance as a career?

DF: I always knew that I wanted to be an attorney. When I was in law school, I thought I wanted to practice education law. At first, I liked it, but when I started getting some assignments dealing with probate and estate work, I realized that I wanted to do that full-time. I was lucky to get exposure to the estate world early in my career.

LN: What do you think it is that makes you so successful?

DF: The most rewarding aspect of my career is just helping people. I love being at a bank as opposed to in private practice now because I can spend as much time as I need to with my clients. Really listening to people is an important aspect of this job. Also, I’m very detail-oriented, and my background as an attorney definitely helps me.

LN: What do you see yourself doing 10 years down the road?

DF: I see myself doing the same thing—I’m really happy here at PNC, and I hope to continue to build new client relationships and keep the existing ones, and continue helping them with their finances.

LN: What do you enjoy doing outside of your professional life?

DF: I’m transitioning some of my hobbies right now into things that are more lifelong types of sports, like golf—which I fought for a long time. I’ve found it’s actually a lot more relaxing than I thought. I’ve been married to my husband, Jason, for almost seven years, and we enjoy traveling and wine.

Julie Hixson-Lambson,

Attorney, Hais, Hais, Goldberger & Coyne

The firm’s Sam Hais first noticed Julie Hixson-Lambson’s abilities when she was a law clerk for the firm: “She has a true calling to be a family law attorney. She is hardworking and is very creative in her approach. With all the tools of the trade, she has the potential to have an outstanding career.”

LN: Why did you choose law as a career?

JHL: I’ve always had an interest in public speaking and debate. In college, I thought I might go into the speech writing or political campaign management, but instead I decided to go to law school and developed a keen interest in family law.

LN: What do you think makes you so successful?

JHL: To be successful in family law, you have to be empathetic and a good listener. You also have to be dedicated and hardworking, because it takes a lot of work to get to the right solution. If you put the effort into it and listen to your client, I think that’s a really good recipe for success.

LN: What do you see yourself doing 10 years down the road?

JHL: I enjoy family law, and I imagine I will still be practicing in this field. I enjoy child custody cases, and I have a real interest in relocation law as a part of custody issues. And I would love to develop an appellate practice, as well.

LN: What do you enjoy in your spare time?

JHL: I’m a mother, and I’m married to Joseph Lambson— we’re both family law attorneys at the same firm! We have two children: Aubrianna and Andrew. They keep us very busy—they especially love the Butterfly House and the Zoo!