Have you ever woken up to a shiny, beautiful car sitting in the driveway topped with a big red bow and your significant other standing there, jingling the keys? Whether it’s a 2013 Rolls-Royce or a classic Ford Thunderbird, these local car dealers could help your holiday dreams come true.

St. Louis Motorsports

Recently, a longtime client of St. Louis Motorsports called the dealership with a request. He was looking for a red-on-tan Maserati convertible for his wife for Christmas. The sales department found the car on the West Coast through its dealer network; and it will arrive in St. Louis just in time for the holidays. It is just one of the ways the luxury car dealer can help customers find their dream automobile for the gift-giving season.

With seven ultra-luxury brands available—Bentley, Rolls-Royce, Aston Martin, Maserati, Lamborghini, Lotus and Bugatti—St. Louis Motorsports offers some of the most impressive cars available in the world. It has some 50 cars in inventory at any given time, in a range of colors and finishes to appeal to a variety of customers. “Offering the right color combination is extremely important,” explains general sales manager Ryan Dohogne. “We want to have that special car in our inventory that a customer will fall in love with when they see it on the showroom floor, and it becomes a must-have.”

The Chesterfield dealer’s current inventory includes a 2013 Rolls-Royce Phantom Drophead Coupe Series II, available for $509,000—one of three white Rolls-Royces used in the Olympic closing ceremonies this summer. Another standout is a 2013 Bentley Continental GT Convertible for $237,000. Finished in blue crystal over magnolia hides, with Tamo Ash veneers, the car is one of only five offered in the U.S. in that particular color combination.

While the majority of St. Louis Motorsports’ sales take place through the available inventory, the dealership can accommodate a client’s specific preferences. It can acquire a particular car, as was done for the red Maserati convertible, or help build a custom automobile. “A client can spend 5 minutes or make five visits to us to complete their car, from color palate to fabrics and veneers,” Dohogne says. “It’s becoming a trend that clients will take the time to build a truly bespoke automobile. It’s usually a celebration purchase, whether it’s a retirement, anniversary or holiday gift, and it can be as personal as the customer desires.”

Classic Car Studio

As Classic Car Studio worked to restore a 1940 Plymouth, the car’s owner often visited to see the progress. The car was originally owned by the client’s grandfather, and she had fond memories about riding around in it as a child. “She and her mom would come in and they were ecstatic every time they saw the car and how it was coming together,” says Noah Alexander, who owns the studio alongside partners Nick Leidenfrost and Rick Holton.

Whether you’re looking for a certain classic car, or have one in your garage that you want restored, Classic Car Studio provides a variety of services for lovers of old automobiles. The Brentwood business buys and sells vintage cars all over the country and around the world, including a rotating inventory of approximately 25 American and European vehicles, including the majority from 1930 through 1970. The other side of the business focuses on complete restorations. “We take the car completely apart, down to the nuts and the bolts, and restore it from the ground up,” Alexander explains. “Everything is rebuilt so you essentially have a new car—we leave no screw unturned.”

A client may have the studio restore an important family car or request a particular type of car for restoration, Alexander notes. “We can go out and procure a car that is a very good restoration candidate and build that car to a client’s exact specifications—just like you could buy a home or build a custom one.”

In the same way, although the studio’s inventory is filled with high-quality vehicles (“For every 20 we look at, we may buy one,” Alexander says), it can search for and acquire a specific classic car that may be on a customer’s wish list. “If we find that car, we may fly out and look at it for them, do the due diligence and ship the car back,” he says. “We’ll find people exactly what they’re looking for.”

But for those looking for a classic car to gift for the holidays, Classic Car Studio has multiple options ready to drive away today. A 1947 Cadillac Series 60 Sedan, available for $49,900, is essentially a small limousine and has been restored to its original condition. The current inventory also includes a 1932 Ford Roadster for $55,900, a popular automobile to modify into a hot rod, and a 1955 Ford Thunderbird for $49,900, the classic muscle car.

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