Pictured on the cover are the firm’s eight female attorneys. In front, Alisse Camazine and Joann Dyroff. In back, Melissa Nolan, Patricia Bland, Lisa Moore, Kathryn Dudley, Susan Block and Amy Hoch Hogenson.

You don’t have to be a good ol’ boy to understand the importance of teamwork. “Eight of the 28 attorneys on our staff are women,” says Alisse Camazine of Paule, Camazine & Blumenthal. “We exemplify how a team approach, using all of our resources, contributes to creative, consistent, cost-effective solutions to legal problems.”  

    Camazine founded the firm in 1993 with partners Don Paule and Tom Blumenthal. “In those days, we were the only mid- to large-size firm in St. Louis headed by a woman,” she recalls. “Even today, only a few firms our size have a woman among the named members.”

    The firm, with offices in Clayton and St. Charles, handles a variety of legal issues, including corporate, estate planning, family law, immigration and naturalization, mediation and arbitration, personal injury,  product liability, real estate, taxes, and trial and appellate. “We offer the accessibility, personalized service and attention of a small boutique firm along with the experience, range and resources of a mega-firm,” Camazine says. “We can deal with complex cases without enlisting the assistance of an outside law firm.”  

    The firm’s roster reads like a Who’s Who in American law, with many attorneys consistently chosen as the best in St. Louis and America. Camazine, co-author of Divorce in Missouri, fields complex family law issues including division of property, spousal and child support, and paternity questions. Patricia Bland focuses on business and transactional law, including entertainment law, an area that involves contract drafting, review and tax planning, Camazine explains.

    Former circuit judge Susan Block deals with family law. “Her unique perspective from both sides of the bench makes her an invaluable resource,” Camazine says. Kathryn Dudley, based in the firm’s St. Charles office, also focuses on family law and is particularly skilled in trial presentation, Camazine says.

    Joann Dyroff has been Camazine’s partner for 27 years. “Among her many areas of expertise are estate and tax planning—she’s known as an outstanding wealth manager,” Camazine says. “Amy Hoch Hogenson, another member of our family law department, handles a number of issues, including divorce, child custody and paternity matters.”

    Lisa Moore began her career at PC&B when she was in law school. “She focuses on divorce and is known for her work on child custody cases involving abuse, mental illness and addiction,” Camazine explains. “Melissa Nolan deals with trusts and estate planning, and also with employment-based immigration cases, making sure employers are in compliance with federal laws regarding employment of noncitizens.”

    Besides contributing their legal skills, Camazine and her colleagues serve their community as volunteers and board members, donating their time and talent to organizations such as Big Brothers and Big Sisters, Caring for Kids, Food Outreach, Legal Advocates for Abused Women, Read Across America and United Way. “We share the belief that there’s no better way to connect with your community than by giving back in any way we can,” Camazine says.  

    The firm’s diversity allows its attorneys to better understand and serve their clients, “but we don’t hire based on gender or other demographics,” Camazine notes. “First and foremost, we look for a high degree of skill, professionalism and integrity—and all 28 of our attorneys exceed those standards.” 

On the Cover: Founded in 1993, Paule, Camazine & Blumenthal is a full-service, team-oriented firm encompassing a wide range of practice areas, including corporate, estate planning, family law, immigration and naturalization, mediation and arbitration, personal injury, product liability, real estate, and trial and appellate. The firm has offices at 165 N. Meramec Ave. in Clayton and 800 Friedens Road in St. Charles. For more information, call 727-2266 or visit www.pcblawfirm.com. Cover design by Erica Fisher • Cover photo by Jason Mueller