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Julia Christensen

The work-life balance: Every professional knows the phrase, and every employee tries to find that harmonious level of give and take to somehow manage it all. For parents, this may be an even bigger challenge. But at the law firm of Carmody MacDonald, the support is there for employees to thrive in the courtroom, as well as at home. 

“Balancing being a mother and a wife with a career is hard, and I think anyone who says it’s not is incorrect,” says family law attorney Joyce Capshaw, principal at Carmody MacDonald. “There are going to be games, social events and dinners that you’ll miss—things that you could do if you stayed at home. [For working moms] it’s a balancing act. It can be done, but it’s challenging.”

Capshaw has been with the same firm for her entire career; and in that time, she has not only seen the firm grow from five to 40 professionals, but herself grow as an attorney, gaining recognition throughout the years.

“I am humbled every time I am recognized for my work,” Capshaw says, explaining that every time she is asked to represent a client, she considers it as a form of recognition. “I’ve never been one to focus on being a woman—I focus on being a lawyer.” This focus has earned her not only clients, but a wide array of awards, including her 2007 honorary induction into the University of Missouri School of Law Order of Barristers.

Another Carmody MacDonald principal, family law attorney Zofia Garlicka Sowers, is an expectant mom. “I can’t wait to be a mother, but at the same time, I love what I do and I can’t imagine not doing it.” Sowers came to St. Louis by way of Poland with the intention to return to her native land. Too in love with the city to leave, she has been working with the firm since 2007.

Sowers says that “hopefully being organized is going to help” balance the upcoming motherhood-career combination. She assumes the difficulty of being a professional and a mother must vary from job to job, but feels worry-free, thanks to the way Carmody MacDonald fosters and supports its team members—a responsiveness that extends to the firm’s clients, as well.

Sowers explains the firm offers a wide range of legal services and can assist clients with needs ranging from litigation to divorce, business law to estate planning. “I think that helps us do our job so much better,” she says, explaining that this full-service experience also assists her in doing right by her clients, should they need legal assistance outside her field. “With our clients, we develop a personal relationship. Knowing that I can refer them to a great lawyer who I know, who works next door, is very helpful. I’d know they’re in good hands.”



ON THE COVER: Carmody MacDonald is located at 120 S. Central Ave., Suite 1800. Pictured: Family law attorneys Joyce Capshaw and Zofia Garlicka Sowers. For more information, call 854-8600 or visit

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