Most of us know that banking goes beyond the upkeep of the ubiquitous checkbook. But some of us remain in the dark about the other products and services banks offer. Three local banking managers explain some of the services they offer that go above and beyond checking accounts.

Nicole Michaels, WestBridge Bank:

• WestBridge offers a remote-capture service called Office Deposit Express, with which small business owners can either rent or buy a machine that scans all their checks and deposits and sends the images directly to the bank. Customers can make these deposits until 5 p.m. and still get same-day credit.

• One service clients especially like is free ATM use, even at other banks. So when a client is traveling, if she obtains money from a non-WestBridge ATM, the bank won’t charge her a cent.

• WestBridge has a dual-purpose account called The One Account, which is an unlimited checking account that also pays money-market interest rates. The annual percentage yield for balances up to $10,000 is 5.02 percent. It prevents clients from needing to transfer money back and forth between accounts. The only requirement is a direct deposit line to the account.

Jerry Von Rohr, Reliance Bank:

• We try to make saving easier, starting with our ‘piggy bank savings,’ which gets kids started with as little as $25 and pays a lower interest rate. Our Reliance Club Gold offers an account for older individuals, starting at age 50, so they earn interest on their checking account with no services charges.

• We have health savings accounts, which can be used for medical purposes and allow money to be invested tax-free.

Gail Sneed, UMB Bank:

• One of UMB’s most popular services is its online banking, which allows clients to do things like check balances, transfer money and pay bills.