I just want to compliment you on your special section on the Charity Awards 2013. The selections you made were so worthy; and the content, the photos, the choices of volunteers to recognize and those descriptions were all outstanding! I found it all very touching.

Patti Teper


We've gotten a great response. Jean (our featured volunteer) was greeted by her student this week, who was beaming and holding a copy of the Ladue News. A relative had given it to her because her teacher is ‘famous.’ Other volunteers were forwarding the link to friends and relatives so they could see where they were teaching! Making our volunteers proud is a gift in itself. Thank you for that. (6/14/13 p. 31)

Pat Joshu

Immigrant & Refugee Women’s Program


As a new organization, this kind of publicity is priceless and we truly appreciate the time and attention you gave to us! Thank you so much for all you do for us and the community!


Kim Chulick for Gateway Children's Charity


Thank you to you and your team for your support of Women of Achievement. The recognition and PR that you provided is greatly appreciated and adds to the value placed on the luncheon…but more importantly, on volunteerism. (5/31/13 p. 6)


Brenda Newberry

Women of Achievement Class of 2013


‘Elegant’ is the absolute right word for your very sleek insert magazine, Elegant Living. From the exquisite watercolor on the cover throughout, it is ‘big city’ perfect. (Elegant Living cover, 5/31/13--Amanda may have?) 


Cynthia Frohlichstein


I have taken notice of the many people who said they heard about the Webster Groves Herb Society Herb Sale by way of the Ladue News. As the publicity chair I made it a habit of asking people, Where did you find your information about our sale? This told me Ladue News has a lot of followers. And did we ever like that! Thank you, Ladue News! (4/19/13 p. 54)

Barbara Manson

Publicity Chair

Webster Groves Herb Society Herb Sale