Thank you for the great spread in LN for our Change Begins with Me exhibition opening. You have been wonderfully supportive and we couldn’t be more pleased with the impact. You are the best. (2/8/13 issue, p. 7)

Jean Cavender

Director, Holocaust Museum & Learning Center


I can’t wait to grab the Ladue News each weekend so I can read Debbie Baldwin. She is an exceptional writer. But of course, the fun is reading about Cranky, Punch and Whiny; and I suspect they have the same great sense of humor as their mother…I enjoy ‘So don’t quote me,’ and religiously abide by her movie reviews—they are always right on. Keep her—never let her go.


Claire Shields


I would like to thank you and Ladue News for the wonderful and generous coverage that our Jan. 14 Notes from Hollywood Benefit concert received…We are very grateful for the exposure the various LN articles provided. (12/14/12 issue, p. 22) 

Marc Gordon

Executive/Artistic Director, Chamber Music Society of St. Louis


We enjoy Debbie Baldwin’s column. We are a married couple—senior citizens who are trying to stay at home, but having more and worse health issues the last few years. We are home-bound- except for doctor’s appointments or medical tests. I especially look forward to the lovely pictures of people at the social events since we don’t go out anymore. It’s such a treat to see the clothes and hairdos that are in style and the friends we know (there aren’t as many of them anymore).

From a Mari de Villa resident


Thank you for your kind recognition of me in the Ladue News…As you know, I am an avid reader of your publication. Your leadership of the Ladue News has brought a renewed vitality and diversity to the magazine. (2/8/13 issue, p. 15)

Michael McMillan

License Collector, City of St. Louis


Thank you for the great coverage you gave (my daughter) Alexa and me in Ladue Lips. I value the relationship 20 Minutes to Fitness has with your publication.

Paul Miller

Owner/Founder, 20 Minutes to Fitness


What a terrific story on Elaine Blatt and her exhibit. Your writing really makes me want to see Elaine's images. Thanks for sharing her talent with all. (3/15/13 issue, p. 72)

Lynn Hamilton


I just wanted to say thank you for the wonderful article you printed about Urban Nectar. It was beautifully written, and I’m so grateful for the opportunity to share my story through your publication.

Ellie Hock

Founder, Urban Nectar


A big thank you for including a review of 1111 Mississippi in this week’s issue! When a restaurant is no longer new, such coverage is greatly appreciated.

David Craig for 1111 Mississippi


I so enjoyed the articles and pictures about the Veiled Prophet Ball. I also went to your website and looked through all 1,139 pictures of the Ball. What a fun afternoon! The articles in the paper gave some insight, like the retiring queen wearing the dress that was worn by two others in her family. Also, I didn’t’ know that these girls did community work—I thought only their fathers did. (12/28/12 issue, p. 35)

Karen Eisenbeis


Thank you for including Caring Solutions’ gala in Ladue News. ‘Soaring to New Heights’ was a real success. Your coverage gave us the exposure we need to continue our track record.

Mary Morini

Caring Solutions volunteer


Bravo! Your efforts in publishing the Hellenic Spirit Foundation and the Athena Awards helped to bust the attendance charts for our event. (2/1/13, p. 12)

Nick Karakas

Hellenic Spirit Foundation


When I open the Ladue News, I always search for (Debbie Baldwin’s) column first. You are so clever and it always gives me a smile. Thanks for your witty insights! (I sure hope you are writing a book a la Erma Bombeck!)

Diane Levy


The final numbers are in for our ‘Letter from Santa’ program. We had a 37-percent increase over the previous year in the number of letters ordered and I know a significant number of them came in due to the mention in the Ladue News

Virginia Kramer

Friends of the Kirkwood Public Library


Thank you so very much for taking the time to come to our event and provide us with the exposure...You have no idea how much it means to us that you were at Art Feast. Being a nonprofit organization during these hard times is especially challenging and the outstanding exposure that Ladue News provides is simply priceless. I just wanted to make sure that you and your staff know how much we truly, truly appreciate it. You could give that space to anyone and the fact that you are gifting it to Chesterfield Arts speaks volumes. You guys are wonderful! (3/15/13 issue, p. 11) 

Robyn Obermoeller

Chesterfield Arts


Thank you all for adopting Nurses for Newborns this year. The kind words and wonderful exposure will definitely help the babies and families we serve! Please know how much we all appreciate our good friends at Ladue News!

Claire Devoto

Nurses for Newborns