By Alecia Humphreys |  Photos by Sarah Conroy

Whether it’s their first of their fifth, parents always want to make their children’s holiday season as spirited and special as possible. That could mean going the extra mile with the mischievous Elf on the Shelf’s shenanigans, baking extra-special cookies for Santa or splurging on that must-have gift of the season. Plan to make your child’s season bright with these toys from local boutiques.

Ninjaline, $99, Happy Up Inc.

Star Wars BB-8 Lego Set, $105.99, Imagination Toys

Big Coloring Poster, prices vary, City Sprouts (

Ballerina Tea Party Set, $42, The Woman’s Exchange (

Peppy Pups, $32.99, Imagination Toys (

My Miniature Library, $19.99, Left Bank Books (

A Photicular Book, $25.95, City Sprouts

Zooties, $26, The Woman’s Exchange

Make Mini Piñatas, $19.99, City Sprouts (

Mermaid Sequin Pillows, $19.99 each, Happy Up Inc. (