By Robyn Dexter|  Photos by Sarah Conroy

Spoil your four-legged friends this holiday season with fun and feisty toys and treats. This year’s guide allows furry friends to join in the celebration with assorted toys, fresh-baked treats and comfy bedding. For all the love they give year-round, our pets deserve to be pampered a bit for the holidays. 

Pet House Candle in Evergreen Forest, $21.99, Treats Unleashed (

Huggle Hounds Knotty Plaid Moose, $15.99-$25.99, Four Muddy Paws (

Jardine Associates Ceramic Mug & Coaster Gift Set, $12.99, Treats Unleashed

Treats Unleashed Assorted Treats, $9.99, Treats Unleashed

Lurvig Pet Bed With Pad, $37.98, IKEA  (

Fluff & Tuff Hippo Toy, $17.99, Treats Unleashed

St. Louis Collar, $20.99-$22.99; St. Louis Leash,  $21.99, Four Muddy Paws

Fruitables Broth Bowls and Pourable Supplements, $4.99-$5.99, Pets in the City (