What has the Veiled Prophet Organization taught you about tradition and community?

Sydney Short

A: I’ve learned a lot about the importance of teamwork. When you participate in the community service events, there are people who have never met before coming together to work toward a common goal. It makes it all the more fun.

Nina Ewing

A: I like telling my friends about the Veiled Prophet because it is a very unique thing we have here in St. Louis. The organization has taught me about the importance of community by encouraging women to volunteer and give back in as many ways as they can.

Mariah Nunn

A: Tradition is symbolic and has a special significance to me. Supporting, giving back and respect for my community – this is what the Veiled Prophet has taught me.

Emily Fusz

A: The Veiled Prophet Organization has taught me that in order to mature and grow as an individual, it is always going to be important to give back to a community, especially one like St. Louis.

Elise Gorman

A: The Veiled Prophet Organization is all about the tradition of making St. Louis a better place by lending a helping hand. I have done many service projects with VP that focus on my belief in housing, community and education. Giving back to the St. Louis community is a vital part of what makes our city flourish.

Kelly Boyce

A: It’s special to be part of this legacy where we focus on giving back. I’ve learned how close-knit the St. Louis community is, and it’s heartwarming how giving back to the community can bring my dad and I – and others around us – so much closer.

Kaitlynn Martin is the editorial intern at Feast Magazine and Ladue News. Chicago-style hot dogs will forever have her heart.

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