Photo by Michael Jacob

The landscaping for the Show House was a gut rehab; outdated, overgrown landscaping that didn’t seem to echo the stately elegance of the home was cleared out so that Jim Graeler and the team at Chesterfield Valley Nursery could create a cohesive look that would give visitors a preview of the home’s warmth and grandeur. “We love challenges, so this was a lot of fun putting together,” Graeler says.

The design team enhanced the existing outdoor façade by adding lush evergreens, such as green giant arborvitae trees and blue maid holly. Japanese maples, hydrangeas and fall mums add a touch of brightness to traditional elegant boxwood. For potential future occupants, Graeler already has a vision for a reimagined backyard area – a warm, cozy space that could include a fireplace and small kitchen and grill area.

Chesterfield Valley Nursery, 636-532-9307,

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