Anne Smith / Liz McGovern

June Roesslein Interiors

Hush, hush! There’s a new baby in the house ---and designers Anne Smith and Liz McGovern have made sure this little one will be cradled in a style fit for a king or queen. The recent addition to the British royal family earlier this year was exactly the inspiration that McGovern and Smith needed when charged with designing the nursery at #23 Lenox Place. “We envisioned a royal baby inhabiting the room, and so we created a room fit for royalty,” the designers say, noting that the high ceilings, stately windows, and original vintage crystal chandelier provided a wonderful framework and starting point.

Instead of the classic blue and white color story for a baby boy, however, McGovern and Smith chose to envelope the room in a soft, ethereal palette of nostalgic ivory and blush, which they felt were especially fitting for a royal female’s nursery. Walls were stripped of old wallpaper and repainted in a soothing blush pink hue, and the floor was covered with a subtly patterned silk and wool area rug to create a cozy, hushed atmosphere. Adorning the windows are ivory-colored silk panels with shirred cornices and tasseled trim. The piece de resistance is the diaphanous canopy that hangs like a fabric crown over the crib that’s detailed with an elegant Greek key motif and can be expanded to accommodate a full-size mattress as the child grows. Further enhancing the gentle atmosphere of the nursery is soft, natural sunlight filtering through three windows during the day, while at night, the crystal chandelier and wall sconce create a bit of sparkle and soft mood lighting.

Hurry in and take a peek before the palace doors close for the night---or nap time.


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