Mike Wyrock / Andrew Maloney / Susan Nack / Paul Alan / Leslie Gentry

IO Metro

When IO Metro designers looked at the master bedroom for the first time, they shared one overwhelming impression: This space is for the birds! The walls were covered with a Schumacher wallpaper pattern appropriately named Lenox, which featured an exuberant and colorful avian-inspired design. The wallpaper ultimately would remain in place, along with the massive vintage mahogany armoire and four-poster bed that belonged to the original owners of the home and has graced the master bedroom for more than a century.

“It seemed there was such a great sense of love and life embedded in the floorboards---and in the abundance of wallpaper,” explains IO Metro designer Mike Wyrock. “These things were so intimately tied to many of the previous owners.” They were also quite charming in their own right, such that the designers felt both compelled and challenged to use them as a springboard for their interior design scheme, circa 2013.

Today, the master bedroom is a modern and sophisticated avian paradise that’s just as well suited to reading or lounging as it is for sleeping, with a floor plan built around the classically designed fireplace. New furnishings include a large, clean-lined modern sofa and chaise longue, sparkling glass-topped and mirrored tables, as well as a few avian-inspired accents, such as the large contemporary cage-inspired chandelier and tall decorative bird cage.

The room’s new color palette also plays beautifully off the vibrant tones of the wallcovering. The designers selected a variety of deep blues, including a striking Atlantic Blue for the ceiling and a deep blue velvet upholstery for the sofa and chaise. Providing a crisp contrast is the ivory bedding and natural linen tones on the window treatments. “Everything that’s been added brings in deep color tones, as well as textures that are uniquely different from what was already in the space, including brushed velvets, silky shags and linen,” Wyrock says. “The many different finishes, textures and materials are woven together to create a soft and comforting nest.”



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