Tamsin Mascetti / Jacquelyn Morrison

Tamsin Mascetti Design Group

Although the word ‘library’ typically suggests a stuffy system of organization, Tamsin Mascetti Design Group’s vision for this room is anything but. Indeed, it’s infused with fresh color and texture, and serves its function more elegantly than ever.

“When we first saw the room, it was a symphony in ‘80s femininity, with peach-colored walls and elaborate peach drapes,” says Tamsin Mascetti. “The room had good bones with its built-in shelving, a large window and hardwood flooring, but it felt safe and drab and was seriously out of date. We wanted to celebrate the traditional structure of the house, while introducing innovative color and texture to bring it into this decade with a modern twist.”

The designers succeeded on all counts, transforming the small, centrally located second-floor library into a cool modern oasis executed with a palette of navy, turquoise and chartreuse. The starting point for the design scheme is the mini geometric wallpaper that lines the book shelves and serves as the perfect foil for furniture and accessories, notably a pair of gold Moroccan poufs, vintage settee and turquoise glass chandelier.

“The settee we’ve chosen dates back to the time the house was built, but propels it into this century with a fresh gold finish and lush turquoise velvet upholstery,” Mascetti explains. “The floor coverings are another combination of old and new; a rustic quilted hide rug is topped by an area rug patchworked from deeply textured, overdyed, antique kilim rugs.”

Other special touches in this small room are the gold twig task lamp, mirrored side tables and a collection of Jonathan Adler vessels on the book shelves.

“We envision our room appealing to an up-to-date woman with some time to kick back and put her feet up,” Mascetti concludes. “She can lounge on the settee and read or nap. If she chooses, there’s room for friends to share a glass of wine or cup of tea and space for kids to play games or read their Kindles. The mood, above all, is relaxing, happy and serene.”



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