If you’re a fan of Upstairs Downstairs or Dawson’s Alley, the soothing palette in the butler’s pantry might look familiar. “I watch a lot of British TV, and I love those shows!” says designer Patrice Munden. “The colors of the kitchens and butler’s pantries remind me of the grays and creams I chose for this space.”

     Although a butler—and a butler’s pantry—may have been de rigueur when Washington Terrace was still lined in saplings, a 21st-century household isn’t likely to require either one. “We don’t live like that anymore, and I thought I could take that antiquated idea and turn it into a functioning room for the homeowner,” Munden explains. “The idea was a ‘Mom Central’ kind of space, designed for computing, sewing, gift wrapping, scrapbooking—or just a place to grab a rare moment of peace and quiet. It’s the kind of space I’d love to have in my own house!”

     Munden kept the paint color on the outside of the cabinets because the vintage look was appropriate, but had the inside back of the cabinetry painted gray. “It really makes the cream color pop, and the antique English china, too.”

     While the butler’s pantry has been thoughtfully adapted to a 21st-century lifestyle, an antique lady's writing desk reflects the historic stature of the house. Munden paired the desk with a Sheraton chair, upholstered in the same cotton fabric used for the window treatment.

Patrice Munden Interior Design: Patrice Munden


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