Sarah Crowder

Ladue News Show House Designers

Kim Taylor, Leah Jarrell

K Taylor Design Group


David Deatherage

David Deatherage Design


Teddy Karl

The Great Cover-Up


Gigi Lombrano, Steve Toedebusch

Gigi Lombrano Interiors, Steve Toedebusch Design


Tom Manche

Tom Manche Interiors LLC


Mike Wyrock, Andrew Maloney, Susan Nack, Paul Alan, Leslie Gentry

I.O. Metro


Tamsin Mascetti, Jacquelyn Morrison

Tamsin Design Group


CJ Knapp, Kimberly Kowalski

Savvy Surrounding Style


Anne Smith, Liz McGovern

June Roesslein Interiors


Rand Rosenthal

Rand Rosenthal Design Group


Jim Graeler

Chesterfield Valley Nursery


Ladue News Show House Committee

Millie Cain

Publicity Liaison


Alan E. Brainerd

Design Liaison


Lisa Malone

Volunteer Liaison


Jeffrey P. Warner, Sam Hall

Property Liaisons


Andrea Griffith

LN General Manager


Trish Muyco-Tobin

LN Editor-in-Chief


Megan Langford

Director of Show House Operations