While a well-manicured garden instills an aura of peace and tranquility, a neglected yard can be a source of frustration. When landscape designers Mike Marks of Luxury Landscape Management and Chris Mueller of Accent Landscape and Design decided to use their more than half-a-century of combined experience to revamp the back patio and yard at #15 Washington Terrace, they were confronted with a host of adversities. Marks describes the space as “a lost area covered in overgrown shrubs, weeds and trees.” The different surface levels and a mishmash of broken-down materials posed an additional challenge, he explains. “Erosion has caused breaks in the patio, unmatched edging and shifts in pathways.”

     Undeterred, and inspired by the home’s Mediterranean appeal, the design duo envisioned a space that was warm and inviting. Marks’ design concept integrates unusual materials with an asymmetrical flair and tepid hues. “It’s in an attempt to soften corners and incorporate warm colors to create a more inviting appearance.”

     Planting beds were constructed to help synchronize varying levels, and the addition of an assortment of natural stones, plants and water features add warmth and visual interest—transforming the area into a backyard oasis without compromising the home’s historical charm.   

Luxury Landscape Management and Accent Landscape and Design: Mike Marks and Chris Mueller


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