The Show House great room features ample standout architectural details, from the tiled flooring to the window-filled walls to the beamed ceiling. A space this expansive and intricate requires bold design for balance. Annie Genovese, Maggie Genovese and John O’Hara from Forsyth accepted the challenge.

The finished room features Forsyth’s signature vintage furniture upholstered in high-quality hides paired with colorful art and layered textiles. A four-person game table with vintage chairs sits atop layered rugs. Nearby, the seating area includes two love seats, two armchairs and a lounge surrounding a red-and-zebra rug and petite coffee table.

“My favorite part of the room are the twin Milo Baughman love seats opposite each other,” Annie Genovese says. “The golden color of cowhide is warm and inviting, and they are the most comfortable things in the history of furniture.”

The finished room differs significantly from the original design, but unlike most changes that are caused by missing items or too-small spaces, this was altered due to an abundance of room. “Our original plan did not include the dining table and our set of 10 midcentury Swedish steel chairs,” Annie Genovese says, noting how happy the team was when they realized there was space for it all. “That room is meant for entertaining, and that includes throwing raucous dinner parties!”

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