The Statement Necklace

No outfit is complete without jewelry, and the piece for fall is the statement necklace. Big and bold, these pieces take the stress out of putting together the perfect outfit.


The Satchel Bag

Grace Kelly made the satchel bag iconic when Hermes re-named its Sac à Dépêche the ‘Kelly’ after she famously carried it to hide her baby bump. And as is always the case in fashion, history repeats itself: These timeless carry-alls are the ‘it’ bag for fall some 50 years later.


The Bootie

Booties have been trending for a few years now; but this fall, it seems there’s hardly any room for another type of boot. Now designed in every possible style and height—from rugged casual to formal stilettos—this shoe is the work horse of the season.


The Fur Vest

The vest has become an essential fall wardrobe component and there’s nothing quite as chic as the fur vest. Whether you’re a fan of real fox hair or prefer to keep it vegan, this is the item that will fancify any outfit.


The Printed Blouse

If there is one thing you can’t own too many of, it’s the blouse. Light, airy, feminine, comfortable, versatile, flattering, the phrase, ‘must-have,’ is an understatement. Blouses layer beautifully and know no season—the cornerstone of a stylish closet. 


The Flared Dress

Gone are the days of the dress only being worn for special occasions. This season, the dress shape has a flared skirt and fitted top. These sleeveless selections can take you from the office (layer a blazer on top) to a cocktail party in a cinch.