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Facebook has been a handy tool. It has saved me hundreds of dollars in long-distance calls to relatives in far and away places like the Philippines, Palau and Norway, as well as another way to stay connected with friends when life gets too hectic. But Facebook also is responsible for filling our lives with minutiae: Do you really need to know what your neighbor had for breakfast (and lunch and dinner), or that your high-school classmate spent three hours waiting at the doctor’s office?

But apparently, there is a market for such triviality in today’s super-connected world. According to an NBC news report, smart phones now have the ability to send out signals that form a composite of its user. So, for instance, if you visit a store, there are ‘trackers’ that record the duration of your stay and how often you shop there—and for now, there’s nothing you can do about it.

Yes, the up-to-the-minute ‘face-bragging’ can get annoying, but at least your FB friends are voluntarily giving out that information—whether you want to hear about it or not.