A few months ago, I went on a ‘field trip’ to the Holocaust Museum and Learning Center in Creve Coeur. While there, I was among the first to see the beginnings of its new interactive exhibit, Change Begins With Me, which opens to the public on Dec. 6. Central to the exhibition is a 65-inch touch screen that offers examples of hate, discrimination and ethnic conflict affecting our world today—lessons gleaned from the Holocaust that are somehow not yet learned. The stories also demonstrate how hate progresses from stereotype to prejudice to discrimination to violence to genocide.

I can’t think of a more enriching way to inform one’s self of the past—and to use that knowledge to influence change. With everyone so interconnected at an instant these days, being ‘just a bystander’ no longer applies when hate is staring us in the face. Think about it: Change does indeed begin with you and me.